Africa Safaris

Africa Safaris

The experience and exhilaration of an Africa safari is still something that, to this modern day, is an adventure that every world traveller should experience. Africa still has untouched beauties, and the wildlife is still unquestionably the best in the world.

Making the Africa Safari adventure the best possible holiday experience of your life is where Jamela Africa Safari comes in. We are a professional and experienced company in the field of Africa tours. Our team of dedicated staff members will tailor your adventure to your every need. We have extensive travelling experience in Africa, and will ensure that you get to experience the best Africa Safari on the market.

Our family run business can accommodate your every safari desire. From a relaxing holiday in the warm waters of Mozambique, to the spice islands of Zanzibar or the beautiful deserts of Namibia, we are able to offer you the best Africa Safari to suit not just your needs, but also your budget. 
Our tours are all booked using only the most experienced tour guides and companies, to ensure that your Africa experience is one of wonder and excitement.
Some of the most popular Africa Safari tours are to the Victoria Falls. This World Heritage Site is one of the most beautiful sites on the planet. 
We can arrange a romantic flight over the capital Falls to get a bird’s eye view of this amazing site. In the rainy season, this site lives up to the nickname of “The smoke that thunders.”

The Kariba house boats are the perfect private getaway on the lake to view the large selection of bird and animal life surrounding you.

No matter where in Southern Africa you would like to experience your Safari, we at Jamela Africa Safaris will gladly assist you with all your planning and booking needs. Give our team a call for the best advice on all your Africa Safari questions, or for suggestions to your next adventure, somewhere on the African plains.

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